Thursday, June 12, 2008

Travel Souvenirs

Traveling can be done in many differnt ways. It can be done around the world to exotic locations and be filled with new, eye-opening experiences. It can also be done when you look inside yourself and take a journey through your thoughts especially on days when you aren't feeling quite right. Travel can be educational, exciting or just a way to "get away from it all".

During my recent travels through the plethora of information that is on the internet, I came across many websites and blogs that are trying to make a difference by helping out the environment. Some of my favorite sites are listed in the sidebar and I'll continue to add more as I find them.


vijay said...

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Miche said...

My Dear Heidi,

I can see that you are breathing yoga in and out -

Here's to quieting "monkey mind" and continued gratitude for our practices -

Today, with a java in hand, I am transported back to other afternoons of coffee and painting, vibrant colors and good conversation -

With gratitude for your inspiring joy -
Namaste / Love,

Barbara said...

Your beautiful spirit shines through your writing. As another travel souvenir, may I suggest The Elephant Sanctuary They offer a haven for old, sick and needy elephants who have been retired from circuses and zoos. The elephants no longer perform for our entertainment, but we can read their stories and view them in their retirement on the Ele-Cam.